SWHPN Scholarship Fund


SWHPN has heard from a number of members over the past two years that have faced hardships: some have been furloughed; some have had to take on more work responsibilities due to short staffing without commensurate increase in pay. Some have been laid off due to mergers & acquisitions in the hospice and palliative care field; others have missed work due to having COVID or other caregiving duties. We are hoping to help our fellow social workers through a short and impactful fundraising campaign.

SWHPN is launching a 100-Donations-in-100-Days Event, to raise funds to provide free memberships to at least 50 members. We know that membership in a professional association can help advance one's career, build meaningful connections and access the latest in trainings and research. But we also know that membership can feel out-of-reach financially when juggling so many other responsibilities, even at a time when you may benefit the most from membership.

From September 22 - December 31, 2022, we're seeking donations from SWHPN members for SWHPN members. All funds raised will be used to help HAPC social workers access the tremendous value SWHPN provides its members: addressing racial disparities in end-of-life care; advocating for policy change at the federal level; learning new clinical interventions to help patients and families, and so much more.

Make the minimum donation, we'll send you SWHPN swag!

*All funds raised will be distributed in January, and we'll have more information about how to access these scholarship funds later this year. All swag items will be shipped in early January as well.