The APHSW Board supports the ongoing professional development of its certificants and recognizes that hospice and palliative care social workers must maintain professional competency based on new information and knowledge affecting their practices. The mandatory recertification process provides certificants with the opportunity to demonstrate continued competence through the retention, reinforcement, and expansion of their knowledge and skills relevant to the field of practice. Recertification also provides encouragement to, and acknowledgement for, participation in ongoing professional development activities and continued learning.

To maintain use of the certification, it must be renewed every 4 years.

Recertification Requirements

  1. Completion of 60 continuing education credits (CECs) during the 4-year certification period. Refer to the Candidate Handbook for CEC categories and requirements. 

  2. Attestation to continue to uphold and practice in accordance with the NASW Code of Ethics 

  3. Proof of current, active licensure, when licensure is required to practice by the certificant’s state of work.

  4. Payment of the recertification fee.

Review the Candidate Handbook for detailed recertification requirements. 

Failure to Recertify

Recertification is mandatory for all certificants. If certification is not renewed, it will expire on the last day of the month four years after the certification was last earned. Refer to the Candidate Handbook for the reinstatement policy. 

Individuals whose certification has expired, been suspended, or revoked may not represent themselves as a certificant and may not use the certification until official notice is received that the recertification requirements have been satisfied or that certification status has been reinstated.

Recertification fees and the application will be added when they are available.