Social Justice Resources: Health Equity & Racial Equity

Below is a list of resources compiled by SWHPN staff, members, and stakeholders to help us and those in our field learn and self-reflect on issues surrounding health and racial equity. Without racial equity, there is no health equity; and without health equity, there is no racial equity. This list is an ongoing effort by SWHPN to provide our members and the public with tools and resources to learn, challenge ourselves, and have the hard conversations with ourselves, our peers, our colleagues, and our institutions.
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21-Day Racial Equity Challenge

The 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge was developed by Eddie Moore Jr. You can find more information here.
  • Pick one of the resources listed every day for 21 days. 
  • Diversify your understanding by doing some of each. 
  • Track and reflect by using the planning tool provided. 
  • Share your reflections with others at the end of the challenge.  
Test Your Awareness: Do The Test, This video shows us the importance of paying attention, and how much more we see when we are looking for particular things around us. 
Use each question below separately as one day’s challenge. 
  • Who is and is not represented in ads?  
  • What are the last five books you read? What is the racial mix of the authors?
  • What is the racial mix of the main characters in your favorite TV shows? Movies?
  • Who is filling what kinds of jobs/social roles in your world? Can you correlate any of this to racial identity? 

SWHPN [Crowdsourced] Resource Guide

Compiled Resources Lists: