Join us for SWHPN's Tweet Chat: #SW4All

Tweetchats are an hour-long virtual "discussion" that takes place on Twitter. If you have never been to a Tweetchat but would like to learn, below is a bit of guidance about how to participate, as well as some information about this specific chat. It can be a bit scary to post the first time you try it, but remember, you are among a bunch of hospice and palliative social workers! We are here to help you and and we want to hear your thoughts on #SW4All.
The host (currently our Board Chair, Allie Shukraft @alifrumcally) will start by posting an introduction to the topic and asking everyone to introduce themselves, sometimes with one or two or personal tidbits (e.g., I am Allie, a pediatric palliative care social worker in Charlotte, NC and I have 2 dogs -- a basset hound and a golden retriever #SW4All). The two most important things to participate fully in the chat:
  • ALL posts must end with the discussion hashtag #SW4All or they will be missed by the group.
  • The easiest way to follow the flow of the chat is the search for the hashtag #SW4ALL, click on "latest", and every so often, hit refresh. 
Every so often, the host will post a question for the group to respond to. Questions are numbered as such:
  • Q1: What has your place of employment been doing in response to issues of racial unrest in the U.S? Q1A: What has worked well? #SW4All
  • Q2: What barriers still exist to meeting the needs of underserved patients, families, and staff members at your place of employment? #SW4All
  • Q3: What else can be done to address the need for change going beyond diversity and inclusion committees, without white saviorism, and beyond the book club? #SW4All
When responding directly to a question, it can be helpful for you to refer to the question in one of 2 ways: 
  1. List the number of the questions with your answer (e.g., put A1 at the beginning of your answer to Q1), or
  2. Retweet the question with a comment.
For each of these, don't forget to add the hashtag #SW4All. You can add other hashtags as well -- #HAPC (hospice and palliative care) will gain a wider multidisciplinary audience in the field, #PedPC (pediatric palliative care) will gain the pediatric hospice and palliative care audience in the field, #SocialWork, #MSW, #Psychosocial, #SocialJustice, #NASW -- these should all attract the wider social work field, and of course, if you are speaking about a specific group, you can always tag that group: #BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color), #LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer), #Unhoused, #Geriatrics, and so on.

If you are intimidated to start with posting yourself, start simply by liking and re-tweeting what other people are posting. You may find that, after a while of doing this throughout the hour, you will have something to say about someone's post. Even if it is as simple as "I agree!" or adding a silly gif, you are contributing to the discussion. Just before the hour is up, the host will invite everyone to wrap up their thoughts with concluding thoughts (CT). These can be a wise, summarizing idea, a link to an article, poem, or quote that you have read recently (that is always a smart move), or, as one doctor always did in the Pallimed #HPM Tweetchat, you can come armed with a completely non-germane silly video to lighten the mood and make everyone laugh (his were usually cat videos). 

If you are ready to take a chance and try something new, I will see you on (some) Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. EST on Twitter, and don't forget to add the hashtag #SW4All to your tweets! We will update this page as Tweetchats are scheduled and add them to the SWHPN Community Calendar.